Crow Release

Monday, May, 30, 2016

We have the May 2016 release unleashed to public.It includes again new features as well as few improvements:

Live Monitor

The Live Monitor report , displays all events as they happen on the field over the map with the most important details. It allows the managers to monitor their fleet activities in real time and react on time if needed.

Route Area report

The Route Area report displays the areas served by every mobile user based on the geo-location data captured from each device and shows the area, where the individual regions are intersected. It allowed the managers to easily observe if the panned sales routes are overridden and optimize them to avoid the intersection.

Route Compliance Report Summary Charts

The Route Compliance report displays summary charts on top , allowing the managers to quickly understand if the fleet follows the planned route and if they are actually visiting the customers based on the information obtained from the GPS of the mobile devices. The charts displays the visited vs planned ration for a given day as well as geo-compliance ration which is based on the number of the events happening within 500m from the customer site.

Route Explorer now displays the planned route on the map

The Route Explorer has a new ROUTE button, allowing the managers to review the planned route for specific mobile user drawn on the map.

New Partner Area

The Partner area provides even more resources to partner developers , including downloads and video tutorials.

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