Peacock Release

Thursday, February, 1, 2018

The Peacock release is published. It is the first release for 2018 and includes tons of enhancements, listed bellow:

The SURVEYS mobile app is ready for general use

We are introducing Dynamics Mobile SURVEYS app (now Merchandise app). The app is available in the Dynamics Mobile marketplace for general use. It allows the organizations to author questionnaires and list of customers/outlets to be visited and send this information to their mobile agents. The agents may then take their smartphones or tablets and go out in the field, visiting the outlets and filling out the questionnaires with the right answers , attaching camera snapshots and person on-screen signatures. The process may be performed without internet everywhere in the world and the collected data will be stored securely in Dynamics Mobile Cloud. The supervisors may then observe the data collection activities in real-time or off-line and track the mobile agents geo-locations, look into specific questions and answers and analyze the collected data. The SURVEYS mobile app is a perfect match for organizations, that needs to collect important data from the field in a structured way combined with photos, geo-location coordinates, customer signatures and others. The route management capabilities allows the supervisors to plan the list of outlets or customers to be visited by every mobile agent and track the performance of the route during the day. Typical scenarios are Merchandising, Check-list based compliance scenarios, Field inspections and many more.

Fleet Route Management

Supervisors may now create and manage routes for each mobile user by assigning stops over the world map in certain order. The routes are then sent to Dynamics Mobile mobile users and they may start following the route without internet connection.

Refresh of CORE mobile apps for all platforms

We’ve made several releases of our CORE mobile apps for each platform (iOS, Android, Windows 10). The improvements are related to the printing of unicode characters ( Arabic language ) , visual improvements regarding pending synchronization and new APIs around cloud integration available for the cross-platform developers.

SyncLog packets export

Dynamics Mobile Cloud acts as a disaster recovery system for on-premises deployments. Supervisor may now download multiple mobile JSON packets for certain period as a single ZIP file. This feature is useful for packet analysis during the development cycle or during production times when a recovery actions need to take place.

Dynamics Mobile Marketplace

Dynamics Mobile introduced a central marketplace for mobile apps , allowing the users to quickly search and deploy mobile apps listed in the market place. While the selection of available apps is still limited, we are happy to announce the general readiness of the platform to accept and deploy third-party apps.

End Of the Day (EOD) reports

It might be challenging for the supervisors to know what’s happening in the field, when managing large amount of agents outside. This is now easier by using the newly published End Of the Day reports. They provide summary of all activities for the entire fleet or single mobile user.

Tons of Dynamics Mobile Studio Enhancements

We are constantly adding features to Dynamics Mobile Studio to power up the mobile devs with new toys and shorten the development cycle. Dynamics Mobile Studio provides enhanced file management features and brand new mobile-to-back-end event subscription engine.The event subscription engine allows the developer to subscribe to important mobile events and handle them in the cloud, without a need to handle the various complexities like routing, scaling, etc.

Mobile Groups Sync options

The administrators can control if certain group of mobile users within mobile app needs to send transactions to the back-end or not. So, if they are using stand-alone cloud-based app, they might not need to send transactions to the ERP, which can be now controlled with ease.

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