Toucan Release

Friday, August, 5, 2016

The July 2016 release just arrived. Let see what’s inside the:

New home page design

Dynamics Mobile now has a new home or landing page. It is simpler and mobile optimized. We are going to continuosly update the look and feel of all other pages in order to improve the mobile experience of our users.

New report: Key Performance Indicators

The newest Key Performance Indicators report , displays selected numbers captured from the mobile fleet. It allows the user to filter by date range, mobile apps and departments or business channels. The KPIs report displays:

  • Total Amount: total money in thousands collected for the filter.
  • Total Transactions: The number of the transactions captured matching the the filter
  • Active Devices: The number of the mobile devices sent at least one transaction
  • Visits:The number of the unique customers or locations visited
  • Route Compliance:A percentage showing if the fleet is following the planned routes
  • Geo Compliance:A percentage showing if the fleet is physically visiting the customers

Live Monitor Improvements

The Live Monitor introduces several improvements:

  • Up-Time Display: shows the total hours and minutes since the monitor was opened or reset.
  • Web Browser Refresh: the totals on top are not cleared if the browser is refreshed
  • Zoom Out: A new Zoom-Out button is available in the event details popup
  • Instant Messaging:A new IM button is available in the event details popup

User Account Management

The new functionality allows administrators to see the list of all linked accounts e.g. all supervisor accounts within the organization. This is done by clicking over the e-mail on top-left of the web site. It will open the account details page. This feature is quite simple , but essential in order for us to be able to introduce our planned security improvements like MFA and SSO via Active Directory.

Cookie policy popup

Dynamics Mobile web site uses policy to enhance the user experience. In this regard The Login page displays a Cookie policy alert aligned with the European Uniton regulations.

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